Face Training

by the Human Vision and Eye-Movement (HVEM) laboratory, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Behind the scenes

The HVEM lab is headed by Jason Barton, and has researchers from a range of backgrounds. The lab uses a range of techniques (behavioural, eye-movement, neuroimaging, and psychophysical) to investigate the mechanisms involved in face recognition.

Below are the members of the lab involved in face recognition research, and our collaborators in this project.

HVEM lab members

jasonbartonJason Barton - director. Received his MD at British Columbia and his PhD at Toronto. Created the lab in 1996 at Harvard to explore his interests. estheralonsoprietoEsther Alonso Prieto - postdoc. Completed her PhD at Louvain. She investigates electrical activity in the brain generated by viewing faces using EEG.
sherrysecorrowSherryse Corrow - postdoc. Completed her PhD at Minnesota, US, and joined the lab 2013. Her research interests include the rehabilitation of prosopagnosia, and the development of face recognition in children. jodiedaviesthompsonJodie Davies-Thompson - postdoc. Completed her PhD at York, UK and joined the lab 2010. Her main areas of interest is the visual system and ways to rehabilitate individuals with prosopagnosia.
kimfletcherKim Fletcher - postdoc. Completed her DClinPsy at Nottingham, UK and joined the lab 2011. Interested in the rehabilitation of people with brain injuries. charlottehillsCharlotte Hills - lab manager. Completed her BSc at Sussex, UK. Joined the lab 2011. Conducts behavioural studies on face recognition.
raikapancarogluRaika Pancaroglu - PhD student. Her main research interest is the processing of complex visual information in the brain.  


bradduchaineBrad Duchaine(Associate professor in Psychological and Brain Sciences, Dartmouth). He investigates face processing by studying developmental and acquired prosopagnosics. Lab page.