Face Training

by the Human Vision and Eye-Movement (HVEM) laboratory, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


New patients

We are proud to invite you to take part in the HVEM Lab Face Training Program!

What is the Face Training program? 
Face Training is an online rehabilitation program for people with prosopagnosia.  The training has been designed by researchers in our Lab in Vancouver. 

What is Face Training? 
Face Training has only one repeated task: select which of the two bottom faces looks most like the top face. The task becomes more difficult as you progress through a session. Three example trials are shown below.

example trials

How much time will I need?  
You will be asked to take part in a 30 minute training session, three times a week.  We have designed the program to suit your individual level of ability therefore we cannot tell you how many weeks you will need to train for.  We do know that it will be a minimum of 12 weeks. 

Is there anything else I will have to do? 
Although Face Training is online, we need to make sure we find out exactly how helpful the training has been to you.  To do this we need you to visit our Lab in Vancouver on two occasions; before and after your Face Training.  If you don’t live nearby we will cover your flight and accommodation expenses for the trip.   

Is there any evidence to suggest Face Training works? 
You will be the first people with prosopagnosia to try it out.  By carefully tracking your training experience, we can find out if Face Training is effective for you, and if it likely to be effective for other people with prosopagnosia.

Email us (training@hvemlab.org) to request an information pack or express your interest in taking part.