Face Training

by the Human Vision and Eye-Movement (HVEM) laboratory, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.


Information for researchers

Below is some information that academics and other researchers may find helpful regarding this website. For any enquiries regarding the below, please feel free to email us (general@hvemlab.org).

The prosopagnosia Face Training 
Interested in getting a glance at the rehabilitation programme? We will soon be creating a user account for anyone wanting to get a feel for what we are doing.

The Facial Identity, Viewpoint, and Expression (FIVE) database was created by members of the HVEM lab. The stimuli are freely available to anyone who requests them, and in good faith - we kindly request that this website (www.hvemlab.org) is referenced in any publication that uses them.

The 504 stimuli database consists of high resolution (5288 x 2848 pixels, 300 dpi) colour images of 12 caucasian males under the same controlled lighting, at 6 different angles (0, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 degrees to the right), with 7 different expressions (neutral, happy, sad, angry, disgust, surprise, fear).

Three versions of the same stimuli are available, and can be downloaded as a zip file by clicking on the link: (note: not currently uploaded - please email us to request these).

1. Original images.

2. Greyscale images.

3. Complete morph series.

The programme used to run Face Training
The programme that was used to create the face training was created for the HVEM lab, and will soon be freely available to anyone who requests it. Again, this is given in good faith, and we ask that this website (www.hvemlab.org) is reference in any publication material. Some features of the programme are:

- very user-friendly - no knowledge of scripting language required
- 100% online for both the experimenter (experiment creation) and the subject (experiment execution, automatic results feedback to experimenter)
- setup of admin and user accounts
- staircase design control (step up/down size, number of correct/incorrect trials required to move up or down the staircase)
- feedback options (no feedback/correct only/incorrect only)
- and a lot more that I haven't had time to list yet!

Email us (general@hvemlab.org) to request stimuli or more information.