Word Training

by the Human Vision and Eye-Movement (HVEM) laboratory, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.

New Patients

We are looking for patients to participate in our Word Recognition  Training Program!

What is the Word Recognition Training Program?

Word Recognition Training is an online rehabilitation program for people with right hemianopia.  The training has been designed by researchers in our Lab in Vancouver, BC. 

What is Word Recognition Training? 

This training has one simple task: distinguish the real word from the fake word. The task becomes more difficult as you progress through the session with faster word presentations and longer words. Example:

How much time will I need?  

You will be asked to take part in a 30 minute training session, three times a week.  We have designed the program to suit your individual level of ability therefore we cannot tell you how many weeks you will need to train for.  We do know that it will be a minimum of 7 weeks.

Is there anything else I will have to do? 

Although the training is online, we need to make sure we find out exactly how helpful the training has been to you.  To do this we need you to visit our Lab in Vancouver on two occasions: before and after your training.  If you don’t live nearby we will cover your flight and accommodation expenses for the trip. 

Is there any evidence to suggest this training will work? 

You will be some of the first to try it out. However we know from previous research that training programs like this one have been beneficial for people with other vision deficits, like macular degeneration. We are hopeful that this will also show a lasting improvement in reading efficiency.

Email us: training@hvemlab.org to learn more about this research and how you can take part in it.